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Let's help create a healed world where we respect all forms of life, and enjoy living in harmony with the Joy inherent in Nature.

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Animal Communication
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"Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."
Albert Schweitzer
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New! Class on Cultured Foods! Find out how precious these foods are to our health on physical, mental and emotional levels. Covering Kombucha, Milk Kefir, Water Kefir and cultured veggies.
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Some great sites for helping animals.
Walking with the Trees course will take you to local parks and forests to get in touch with the energy of the forest and what our connection is to it. 
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Welcome to Listen to the Animals
Based in New Jersey, USA
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What is Animal Communication?
A telepathic animal communication consultation is an opportunity for you to have a two-way conversation with your animal friend, with myself acting as the translator or interpreter. You can ask questions about matters that are important to you or problems you may be having in your relationship, or just tell them how great they are! Basically, telepathy is being able to understand what another being is thinking and feeling, and I am here to help you both understand each other better. My work is to help you be more aware of the clear and loving connection between you and your animal friend so that you can better understand each other and go forward in a more cooperative, healthy way. I will communicate your animals’ viewpoints, feelings, perspectives, and other relevant information that can help to create more cooperation and a deeper relationship between you and your animal friend.

In a telepathic animal communication consultation, we go from what is known about the situation from your viewpoint, to the unknown—what the animal thinks and feels about the situation. To this end, there will be questions asked at the beginning and throughout the call that are important to answer honestly.Animal companions are generally very happy and often relieved when we reach out to understand their point of view, and often will give us a new perspective on how to handle issues you may be having with them. Sometimes other modalities that may be helpful (particular types of behavorial training, massage, etc) are suggested, and I am trained to provide assistance with Flower Essences, Integrated Energy Therapy (energy healing) and Angel Therapy both in-person and long distance to facilitate emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.

Your animal does not need to be with you at the time of the consultation. They may be in another location, sleeping, or wherever they choose. It is important that you are in an place for the consult where you will be  undisturbed and can focus on what is being said. For instance, please do not try to participate in a consultation when you are driving or in an environment where people or sounds may be disturbing you.

Animal communication is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care. Although I may be able to sense where an animal is feeling discomfort in his or her body and communicate to you how the animal feels about what is going on, I cannot diagnose or treat medical problems. Please consult with a veterinarian for any physical or medical difficulties your animal may be having. Animal Communication is one of several important adjuncts to proper medical care, including behavioral training, good nutrition, exercise and fresh air and water.
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