REIKI 1 for people - This online class is a standalone and includes four attunements. Reiki is a universal healing energy that is simple and easy to use, once you are attuned to it. It is a prerequisite REIKI 2 and REIKI for ANIMALS classes 

REIKI FOR ANIMALS- This online class will help you work with your own and other animals to share the healing light of Reiki, a universal healing energy that is simple and easy to use, once you are attuned to it. Animals experience energy in very different ways than we do and this class will incorporate their perspectives as well as standard Reiki thought on how healing is accomplished at different levels.

REIKI 2 - At this level, REIKI works faster and at deeper levels. You will learn how to transmit REIKI over distance and time, as well as cross the time space barrier and heal the past and the future. You will also learn to apply REIKI to ideas, situations, and release unwanted habits and enhance talents. Use sacred geometry and receive more powerful attunements at this level.

Integrated Energy Therapy's STEPS TO TRANSFORMATION
Quite the opposite of “no pain – no gain”, the motto of these Steps To Transformation programs are “no pleasure – no treasure”. This program is designed to create an environment of joy-filled energetic expansion and personal transformation. These IET Steps to Transformation programs will help you heal your trauma without having to relive the drama or pain. In these workshops, we share our angelic energy connection with you, and teach you to establish your own energetic connection with the energy of the Healing Angels. You will learn to use ancient sacred geometry, combined with special techniques to “get the issues out of your tissues for good!”  

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