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Animal Communication 101
This is the first class to take if you are interested in learning more about how to telepathically communicate with your animals. A two day weekend workshop to help individuals awaken and deepen their own abilities to telepathically communicate with their own animals and also, if we have time, the Beings of Nature - trees, plants, and all life forms we share this earth with. I try to pack alot into the weekend, and every group learns at a different pace, so I never am sure how much we'll cover. The skies' the limit if the spirit is willing! Cost $400

This Basic Animal Communication class is offered October 19-20, 2019. Must register by October 1st. 

 Steps to Transformation
This is an Integrated Energy Therapy class, but instead of the focus being on learning how to harness angelic healing energy to help others, the focus is on getting to know and working with your own Angels for a series of 7 steps for individual self healing. The steps are Heartlink with you Angel, Activate your 12 strand DNA, Clear your Karma, Achieve True Forgiveness, Empower your Heart, Journey to a Future Lifetime and Cut the Cords that Bind you. This class is limited to 5 students and will be in Stockton NJ on the weekend of November 2-3, 2019 Cost $225
Must register by October 26 

Angel classes
A couple of very basic introductory classes at the Community School of New Hope-Solebury, one which will introduce working with Angel Cards (Angel Cards for Beginners on October 30, 7-9pm $50) and one is an introduction to Integrated Energy Therapy.(Healing with the Angels on October 21 7-9pm $30) See www.ssreg.com/csnhs for more information.

To register for any class other than the introductory angel classes, send me an email here. After I confirm there is room and the class is running, you can use a credit card or check to pay a $100 non refundable deposit. Thank you! For the animals, Karen

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