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Click here to read a fantastic article on Feral Cats by Sharon Callahan of Anaflora. This is an insightful article and have felt these same things from them over the years.
click here for Sharon's article on Feral Cats and how to help!
Animal Charities
Helping others when we are blessed just seems like the right thing to do. 
Here are a few - if you have some worthy charity you'd like me to list, let me know!
These are listed in no particular order.

Out of the Pits

Mylestone Equine Resque

North Shore Animal League America

In defense of animals

American Anti-Vivisection Society

PAWS - Performing Animal Welfare Society

Noah's Wish -dedicated to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters

Bear Rescue in Asia

The Fund for Animals

Animal Place

The Nature Conservancy

Dream Catcher Farm

Union of Concerned Scientists

Defenders of Wildlife

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Nature Conservancy


Humane Society of the United States

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

A group of animal charities suggested by kids who like my website!

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